When it seems like all you do is take care of everyone else, you can feel exhausted, emotional and even resentful. 

Maybe you don’t even know who you are anymore and keep wondering, 

“When will someone take care of me?”

How do I know this, I have been there too! 

Caring for others is important to me, however I got lost in the caring and needed to discover ways to relieve the guilt, reduce the resentment and find time for me. 

I discovered strategies and tools that helped me to find time for me and reduce the overwhelm.


WEAVING A LIFE - coming soon!

How does it help...

"You can't start living your life all over again,
however you can start living it differently..."

"Sandie helped me to realise that we often know the decision we need to make.
We each just have different processes
to get to the point where we
are comfortable finally letting go."
"Sandie is fabulous! Such a knowledgeable and beautiful soul inside and out.
Lego play is such an amazing therapy that really brings out those deep-rooted
questions to help you on your path. "
"I have developed new ways of thinking
and behaving that I would never have
imagined possible.
I have become a different person
since working with Sandie."

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