5 Benefits of Coaching

Coaching is a rapidly growing field and I bet you have seen those ads for life coaching, promising six-figure incomes and incredible lifestyles. I know when I open my Facebook feed it is amazing how many offerings there are from coaches.

Have you looked at them and thought that’s not for me? Or maybe wondered why would someone even think about having a life coach? Possibly you even think that’s just for rich people.

I want to ask what brings you joy, what are you grateful for, and when was the last time you were inspired? Are you living a fulfilled life? Or are you stuck, feeling some days like a rat running around and around on the same treadmill?

The beauty of authentic coaching is that what it can do is create a wonderful sacred space for you to explore what it is you want, discover your strengths and build a life of joy.

If you are still feeling a bit sceptical here are a few ways coaching can benefit you:

1. Set meaningful goals...

Have you set goals and are not quite sure if it’s exactly what you want to do? Possibly you aren’t even aware of why you want to do it. A coach can help you identify these things, really drill down into your goals and make sure they are really important to you and achievable.

2. Develop an action plan...

A coach can help you give legs to your dreams. Together we work out what the next steps are. I always say it’s a bit like a travel agent for your life. You pick the destination and I help you work out the itinerary for your journey

3. Self-discovery and self-awareness...

Sometimes we can get so focused on the needs of everyone else that we forget about our own needs. I know I can do this. Coaching is a time to focus on you, and what you want in your life and what you want to be different. You will find that by making a date with yourself, you will reacquaint yourself. It’s a bit like revisiting an old but dear friend who you haven’t seen for ages.

4. Increased self-confidence...

Once you have a better handle on what you want and who you are, your confidence grows. Kick some goals and your confidence will increase even more. The most recent International Coaching Federation (ICF) survey identified that 80% of people who received coaching said their self-confidence increased.

5. Accountability and motivation...

One of the things I love about being a coach is that I help motivate people. Having someone in your corner, asking about you, and helping you to reflect, is a great motivator.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need someone to be my accountability person. A person who checks in to see if I am on track. When I don’t have this, I can become aimless, and my action plan stalls.
These are only five benefits of coaching, there are many more.  The ICF also identified that 73% of coaching clients said that coaching helps them improve their work performance, communication skills, interpersonal skills, relationships, work/life balance, and wellness. 
They all sound like pretty good reasons to get a coach.

If you want to know more about the coaching that I do, give me a call or drop me a line, I would love to have a chat.

5 Benefits of Coaching
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