Creativity – It’s so much more than you think!

When you think of creativity what immediately comes to mind?


You wouldn’t be alone if you thought of artistic pursuits, things like painting, sculpture, singing or acting.

While these are creative activities, creativity actually permeates all corners of our lives.

And what’s even better is that it has the potential to give us more enjoyable and fulfilled lives.


So what is creativity?


The actual definition varies depending on who you talk to. The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as, the ability to produce original and unusual ideas or to make something new or imaginative.

When you look at creativity through this lens you can see how it can relate to any part of our lives. We can express our creativity in the garden, the kitchen, on the sporting field and in our workplace. In fact the list of places is endless, as is the number of ways we can create, knitting, gardening, painting cooking, just to name a few.

When we tap into our creativity, and nurture it the rewards are immense. The benefits include reduced stress, increased joy, improved health, authenticity and balance and a sense of fulfillment.


With all those benefits – what are you waiting for?


Creativity – It’s so much more than you think!

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