Defining Wellbeing– its just not that easy!

One of the benefits of a pandemic is that we have stopped to reflect on what is important...

And you’d be hard pressed today not to hear the word wellbeing being thrown around in your workplace or networks. We’ve decided that wellbeing is important and that’s not a bad decision. However before we start implementing solutions the challenge comes in defining what wellbeing is.

If you check out the Oxford dictionary it states that wellbeing is a noun meaning the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.  So, if we have a definition what makes it so challenging to identify? Because what it means to be comfortable, happy and healthy, can be very different for each one of us, it’s a very personal state.

There are however a few important things we do know about wellbeing...

  1. It’s not just about mental health. Mental health is only one aspect of wellbeing, it’s multi-faceted, and covers mind body and soul.
  2. It’s not just about fitness. Being active is important however so is relaxing, our connections and sense of purpose.
  3. It doesn’t mean being disease free. While it is integral to our health, a state of wellbeing does not necessarily reflect an absence of disease.
  4. Our wellbeing is dynamic. It can change depending on our circumstances, and the resources we have to draw upon.
  5. Our wellbeing is unique. Each of us are distinct individuals,  and so it’s not the same for everyone. What we do or believe, and how we live has an impact on our wellbeing.
  6. There is not one simple solution. The world we live in is complex and so is wellbeing,  it is a personal journey not a destination.

I didn’t write this to scare you off implementing a path to wellbeing in your workplace, I wrote it to give you the beginnings of an understanding of what wellbeing means.  

The fantastic news is that once we know what it is, and its complexity, we can implement effective programs. Ones that equip people with the tools to build resilience and ride out the storms both in their personal and work lives.

Defining Wellbeing– its just not that easy!
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