Hope is a seed buried deep in our hearts

Hope is a seed that is buried deep in our hearts. 

We all have it, waiting to germinate and grow. And when it does, it has tendrils of possibility that push through our fear and disappointment. It weaves its way through our lives, motivating us, and helping us to dream big. Hope is the fuel that drives our engine, giving us the capacity to keep going, even in the face of adversity.

Christmas is a time full of hope, the hope of small child’s letter to Santa sent to the North Pole, the hope of reconnection or reconciliation with family and friends, and the hope of the new year that is just around the corner.

I love psychologist and hope researcher Charles Snyder’s definition of hope:

"A rainbow is a prism that sends shards of multicoloured light
in various directions.
It lifts our spirits and makes us think of what is possible.
Hope is the same – a personal rainbow of the mind."

The first week of Advent is the candle of Hope.

The Oxford Dictionary definition for hope is: a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen. I think I still like John Snyder’s rainbow better, especially as the rainbow is a symbol of hope for many cultures.

When we are little, we are full of hope, however as we grow older, we stop nurturing the seed in our heart. Fear of disappointment, or failure cause us to lock that seed up tight, and in doing so we limit ourselves, and the life we live.

This Christmas be brave, start dreaming big. 

I encourage you to find yourself a quiet moment and brew a cuppa.  Grab yourself a pen you love writing with and some pretty stationery and write a letter of what you hope for. What you hope for your family/children, what you hope for the world, and what you hope for your community. And last but not least, what you hope for yourself.  Seal it up and make sure you send it off, it’s not too late to get it to the North Pole! Alternatively, put a stamp on it and give it to someone you trust. Ask them to post it to you in 3 months time, to remind you of what you hope for.

My hope for you, is that your hope be rekindled this Christmas.

Hope is a seed buried deep in our hearts
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